South Africa : Experience Sightseeing Diversity Like No Other Country In The Planet

If you wanted to bundle a whole lot of experiences in a single destination country

What if you were told that you could travel to one country where you could get to ride roller coasters, do hot air ballooning, go for bungee jumping, see penguins in the open, go shark cage diving, see seals by a boat, walk with a cheetah, go for whale watching by cruise, take a cable car to a mountain top, do quad biking, do zip lining, ride a Segway, get to feed ostriches, stand on an Ostrich egg, and go for animal game drives too? All this is possible in South Africa.

It's a unique country where you can do all the above and much more. Usually, South Africa is promoted as a combination of Johannesburg, Knysna, Mosel Bay and Cape Town but there are many more places to visit and many sightseeing to do apart from the usual stuff.

It all depends on the person travelling. If you are nature and animal lover, you can enjoy a lot in South Africa.

Another advantage South Africa enjoys is that unlike Kenya and Tanzania, it does not require yellow fever vaccination. Also, it is a year round destination so one can travel to South Africa almost any time of the year."

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